How to Measure Your Room for Cabinets

How to Measure

Your Room for Cabinets

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If you want a FREE estimate you will need your cabinet space measured. The following is an explanation of how you can do this yourself . BUT before you read this explanation on “How to Measure Your Space for Cabinets“, please know we will be happy to do this for you for FREE if this seems to complicated for you.  

We will also give you the following:  

  • Free computer drawing of floor plan with measurements.
  • Free computer drawings of your future kitchen.
  • Free itemized price list.

If you are interested just send and email with your name and contact number to:  

and someone from our team will call to schedule a time and date for the measuring.  

Note: Read this whole page before you attempt to do it yourself.   

O.K – Are you ready? (You will need someone to help you hold the measuring tape)  

Horizontal Measurements  

  1. Measure from wall to wall at about 3 feet high.
  2. Measure from corner to window or door opening.
  3. Measure across opening from trim edge to trim edge.
  4. Measure from edge of trim to far wall. Compare the sum of #1, #2, and #3 to #1.
  5. Mark exact location of water, drain, gas lines and electrical outlets and switches on drawing.
  6. Measure from wall to wall over window and compare to #1.

Vertical Measurements  

  1. Measure from floor to window sill.
  2. Measure from window sill to top of window.
  3. Measure from top of window to ceiling.
  4. Measure from floor to ceiling. Compare to #1, #2, and #3.

You need to produce a few different sets of drawing. A floor plan and a wall plan (only the walls with windows). See the examples below:  

Custom Cabinets Connecticut - How to Measure Room for Cabinets

Floor Plan

Custom Cabinets Connecticut - How to Measure Room for Cabinets

Wall Plan

To make this easier you can download the grid paper which will help you wit straight lines and good ratio to room measurements. Please note: 1 big square = 1 foot and the little squares = 3 inches.  

Download Your FREE Grid Paper Here   


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